Gulliver Connect mobility programme for young and up-coming artists, arts managers and cultural operators in Europe (2008 - 2009)

Gulliver Connect is a mobility programme through work placements for young and up-coming artists, arts managers and cultural operators in Europe. This programme is set up by the Central European Foundation, KulturKontakt and The Felix Meritis Foundation.


The programme aims:

  • to develop collaborative partnerships among arts and cultural practitioners throughout the whole European continent and neighbouring countries  with particular attention dedicated to partnerships with and within Central and Eastern Europe and the former socialist countries.
  • to encourage the process of 'learning from practice'  through work placements constituting a real hands-on working experience.
  • to foster the dissemination of best practices in partnerships as well as the exchange of opinions and ideas.
  • to improve the international employability of young practitioners in the arts. Needless to say that all these participants act as ambassadors for the programme and create an interactive interface for the exchange of valuable information.
  • to increase their capacity and empowerment in order for them to make their unique contribution to the processes of social, cultural and artistic change in the whole European continent, its neighbours and beyond.

Responsible Organisations 

The Central European Foundation (Bratislava), Kulturkontakt (Austria), The Felix Meritis Foundation (Amsterdam)

Target group 

Candidates are arts practitioners with 2-3 years working experience in the field of performing arts, visual arts, (new) media, arts management, film as well as project co-ordination, art development or management at a local/regional level in their country and who want to add an international dimension to their work.


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