03.04.2013 [News]

Russian Government Programme “Science and Technology Development in 2013-2020”

In December 2012 Russian Government approved a State Programme on science and technology development for 2013-2020. The aim of the Programme is to create an internationally competitive and well-functioning R&D sector, in which efforts to modernize the economy are supported by science, technology and innovation.

The Рrogramme is implemented in three stages: the first - in 2013, the second - 2014-2017, and the third - 2018-2020. The total financial support according to the budget scenario is 1.6 trillion rubles (€ 39,24 billion) including 145,12 billion rubles (€ 3,6 billion) in 2013, 156,86 billion rubles (€ 3,9 billion) in 2014, 170,16 billion rubles (€ 4,25 billion) in 2015. One section of the program is devoted to international cooperation and Russian participation in major international research projects, including joint projects with the EU.

The State Programme also includes the Federal Program "Research and development on priority directions of scientific-technological complex of Russia in 2014-2020" as the current FTP "Research and development" ends in 2013. The upcoming FTP will focus on the financing of scientific and technological potential for further use in the programs of relevant agencies, as well as support for interdisciplinary research.

The State Programme on S&T Development 2013-2020 (in Russian).

Source: Maria Balashova, Russian National Contact Point on Biotechnology

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