27.04.2010 - 28.04.2010 | Antwerp, Belgium

Workshop: "EU–Russia Cooperation on Innovation"

This workshop brought together leading EU and Russian experts from the public, private and academic sectors with policy makers to discuss the rationales, challenges and opportunities to develop cooperation in innovation between the EU and Russia. Most promising areas and activities for innovation cooperation were identified and analysed which could be incorporated in and drive a future “Common Space on Research and Innovation”.

This workshop can be seen as a follow-up activity of the INNO-Views workshop “Emerging Economies (Brasil – Russia – India – China) and Innovation - Implications for innovation policies in Europe” organised in Brussels on July 9th and 10th, 2009, where experts recommended a policy dialogue in order to define mutual interest, priorities, etc involving all stakeholders in a participatory process.”

At the twenty-fourth EU-Russia Summit in Stockholm on November 18th 2009, President Barroso proposed a partnership for Modernisation between the EU and Russia, in response to President Medvedev’s plan to modernise Russia’s economy and society. This workshop can contribute to define what could be done in the area of innovation by the next Russia-EU summit, scheduled to take place in Rostov-on-Don on May 31st and June 1st 2010.

Background information on EU innovation policy and innovation policy governance can be found at the
documentation of the workshop "Improving Governance in European Innovation Policy".

For a view on background info and the presentations with regard to the Antwerp workshop, please see the below pdf-files.


Background Report to the OECD Country Review of the Russian Innovation Policy:
National Innovation System and State Innovation Policy of the Russian Federation (2009)

Internationalisation of R&D – Facing the Challenge of Globalisation: Approaches to a Proactive International Policy in S&T, Country Report Russia:
An Analysis of EU-Russian Cooperation in S&T prepared by the CREST OMC Working Group (2008)

Kaisa-Kerttu Peltola: Russian innovation system in international comparison:
Opportunities and challenges for the future of innovation development in Russia (2008)

INNO-Policy TrendChart - Policy Trends and Appraisal Report Russia (2007)

Agenda and list of participants

Katja Reppel: EU Innovation Policy: State of Play

Lena Tsipouri: EU Member State innovation policy trends: governance and finance

Natalia Ivanova: Russian innovation policy: some results and new departures

Ivan Bortnik: Views on Russia-EU cooperation opportunities on innovation

Ksenia Datsko: Formation of Russia-EU dialogue on innovation: a business perspective

Pekka Koponen: Cooperation opportunities between Finnish and Russian companies within nanotechnologies

Manfred Spiesberger: Current trends in SnT cooperation between the EU and Russia: cooperation in basic research versus innovation

Antti Valle: Promoting Finnish-Russian Cooperation in the Field of Innovation

Igor Kuprienko: Finnish–Russian Innovation Centre in St. Petersburg

Maxim Volkov: Problems and perspectives of EU-Russia cooperation based on experiences in TEMPUS and FP 7

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