28.06.2010 - 02.07.2010 | Voronezh, Russia

Featured Event: The V Days of European Science in the Central Russia

The V Days of European Science in the Central Russia is a biennial international conference which overall objective is to provide a forum for the exchange of views on the ways of development of Russia – EU scientific and technological cooperation and discussion of challenges, trends and practical tools of mutually beneficial cooperation of Russia and EU in the field of research and its sustainable support.

This conference is held in the framework of the FP7 E-URAL project and Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation project «Scientific, information and consulting provision of Russian regional infrastructure of scientific and technological and educational cooperation with the EU». The E-URAL project European Union and Russia link for S&T co-operation in the area of the environment is called upon to improve in quantity and quality the participation of Russian researchers and SMEs in the “Environment (including climate change)” theme of the FP7.

The programme proposes:

  • a discussion Russia–EU scientific and technological cooperation: opportunities for Russian participation in European and Russian research programs that will also include:
    • presentations of scientific foundations and programmes
  • a talk on Tools for support of EU-Russia S&T cooperation including:
    • presentations of networks and the European Commission funded projects targeted on enhancement and reinforcement of Russia-EU scientific and technological cooperation and improvement of Russian participation in joint projects
  • International workshop Nature and biodiversity: Opportunities for EU-Russia Collaboration which includes three scientific sessions: Biodiversity; Forest ecosystems and resources; Soil and resources
    Its aim is
    • to overview common research issues and collaboration opportunities,
    • to facilitate the networking activities,
    • to create new EU-Russia partnerships and,
    • foster presentation of joint proposals in the target theme.
  • Training The Seventh Framework Programme: «rules of play» for Russian participants


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