30.03.2010 [News]

RUSNANO attracts nanotechnology on an industrial scale

Researchers seeking business partners and high-tech companies looking for capital could all benefit from the Russian Corporation of  Nanotechnologies' global investment program. The primary goal of RUSNANO is to create and develop a Russian nanotechnology industry, making the country one of the global leaders in this area over the next five years.

RUSNANO is an institution for development and investing in nanotechnology ventures is one of its main tools. RUSNANO welcomes applicants with the expertise in several key areas - engineering, energy production, storage and conversion; composite and nanostructured materials; nanomedicine and nanobiotechnology; nanodevices, nanoelectronics and metrology. The Corporation welcomes applications from Russia or foreign candidates (companies or research teams). The only  basic condition is that the production facility be placed in Russia.

The projects co-invested by RUSNANO vary in size from €1.6 million to €400 million. If scientists would like to get involved in RUSNANO projects the easiest way is to register at the web-site:  http://www.rusnano.com/Home.aspx.  After registering, the applicant will receive the application forms to fill in. As an initial step, the applicant may send a short and informal description of the project. To receive financing, the project has to pass a number of expert evaluations - a scientific and technology evaluation, as well as investment, patent and marketing evaluations.

More information on these procedures can be found in the special brochure for applicants , available at http://www.rusnano.com/Document.aspx/Download/19895.

Source: http://nanotechweb.org/cws/article/indepth/40545

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