25.03.2010 [News]

Federal agencies for science and education dissolved - functions taken over by ministry

Decree of the President of the Russian Federation № 271 from 04.03.2010 announces that the Russian Federal Agency for Science and Innovations (Rosnauka) and the Russian Federal Agency for Education (Rosobrazovanie) will be dissolved and their functions taken over by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science.

The Federal Agency for Science and Innovations and the Federal Agency for Education had been established during administrative reform in 2004 under president Vladimir Putin.

The first of the two agencies outlined the state scientific policy, managed the state property in the scientific, technical and innovation spheres and ordered federal programs and projects, while the second provided state services and handled state property in the spheres of education and youth policy.

More information in Russian: http://news.kremlin.ru/acts/7048

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