25.02.2010 [News]

RUSNANO Supports Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing for Age-Related Illnesses

This project to manufacture innovative drugs combating age-related diseases is based on pioneering work by V.P. Skulachev, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and director of the A.N. Belozersky Research Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology. The project recently won approval from the Supervisory Council of RUSNANO. Dr. Skulachev’s work is commonly known as the Skulachev ions (SkQ). The budget for the project will not exceed  1.83 billion rubles. RUSNANO will invest up to 710 million rubles.

The goal of the project is to bring to Russian and international markets drugs for treatment of ophthalmic disease and pharmaceuticals that have systemic effects. The project company plans to produce medicinal substances from which, on a contract basis, finished drug products will be prepared in Russia. The company will license its manufacturing technology to foreign companies in order to enter international markets.

Information source: http://www.rusnano.com/Post.aspx/Show/25188

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