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The All-Russian open noncommercial project “Art of Science - 2010” called the competition of scientific photograph

The All-Russian open noncommercial project “Art of Science - 2010” called the competition of scientific photograph.

“Art of Science - 2010” is Russia's first scale project in the field of science art, devoted to show the entire world the beauty of science, to prove that science and art are not separated from each other. Within the framework of project the following events takes place: the competition of scientific photograph, quiz, visits of schoolboys to scientific laboratories, a series of lectures and seminars on photograph, exhibitions and other measures.

Within the framework of the competition of scientific photograph winners will be selected in the following nominations: microcosm, living science, high technologies, people in the science, young scientist. Conqueror for the prize of audience sympathies will be determined by voting on the site. The best works will become part of the exhibition. In the judges of competition entered the experts from the science, art, the leading photographic publications, and also Director of Department of Science, High Technology and Education of the Government of the Russian Federation – A.V. Khlunov.

Seminars for photograph are devoted to draw attention to wide audience to art of artistic and scientific photograph, reportage and portrait photography, the history of photograph. Within the framework seminars all desiring can meet with the professionals in the field of photograph, the acknowledged specialists in Russia and abroad. The All-Russian open noncommercial project “Art of Science - 2010” is organized by publication “Science and Technology of Russia - STRF.ru”, by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and by the Federal Agency for Science and Innovation, with the support Lomonosov Moscow State University. Project is created on the base of the successful competition of scientific photograph “Science - this is Beautiful!” which was for the first time carried out in Moscow in 2008.

Participants from Armenia, Belarus, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine took part in the previous competitions.

Organization committee:

Tel.: +7 (495) 930 8707, 930 8850
E-mail: photo@strf.ru

Detailed information can be obtained on the page of competition on the site STRF and press- secretary of the organization committee:

Ms. Eugene Pustovalova,
Tel.: +7 495 930 8850
E-mail: epustovalova@strf.ru

Information source: http://www.strf.ru/

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