Cooperation policies on bilateral level

A brief introduction into the aims and objectives of the S&T cooperation policies of Russia and its bilateral cooperation partners. For cooperation agreements and other relevant documents, please also visit the "Important documents/publications" section of this website.

In the Federal Law "On Science an State S&T Policy" from August 1996 the Russian Federation stated its responsibility to create favourable conditions for international S&T co-operation.

In 2006 a strategy document was published
"Strategy for the development of science and innovation in the Russia Federation for the period up to 2015" (document 16.2MB in Russian language),
where a short chapter describes the position of the Russian S&T sector in a global context. Furthermore a number of new programmes and commitments taken at the Russian governmental level with relevance for international S&T cooperation have been discussed.

Of utmost importance for the current bilateral cooperation opportunities is the Federal Targeted Programme
"Federal Targeted Programme "Research and Development in Priority Fields of S&T Complex of Russia in 2014 - 2020"
which allows the participation of foreign entities.

Currently the Russian Federation has concluded forty-nine cooperation agreements with foreign partners. Hereof are 15 agreements signed with EU Member States and 5 with Associated Countries. The agreements for download you will find here.

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