Cooperation programmes on bilateral level

Some examples of programmes run by organizations and public bodies in invidual EU member states that promote scientific cooperation with Russia (in alphabetical order by country). For more bilateral programmes please also have a look at the "Programme Database".
  • Neighbourhood Programme: Danish - Russian Cooperation (2005 - 2010)

    In 2004 the Danish Government initiated a new assistance programme, the Danish Neighbourhood Programme. In this connection the Danish Government wished to strengthen the cooperation with Russia mainly by supporting public sector capacity building and economic development.
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  • Grants supporting scientific activity between Russia and France (continuous)

    Three types of cooperation are being promoted: 1)International Scientific Laboratories of CNRS; 2)International Scientific Unions created under the iniciative of CNRS; 3)International Associated Laboratories created under initiative of CNRS.
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  • Scholarship Program of German Academic Exchange Service - DAAD (continuous)

    The German Academic Exchange Service is one of the world's largest and most respected intermediary organisations in its field. Scores of students, teachers, researchers and scientists supported by the DAAD have been able to gain valuable experience abroad. However, there are also many other sides to the work of the DAAD.
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  • Embark Initiative (Ireland, continuous)

    The Embark Initiative scheme supports new Doctoral and Masters level researchers in science, engineering and technology. The total value of funding offered will be approximately €3.6 million, on completion of this round of funding.
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  • "Study in Italy" Programme (continuous)

    "Study in Italy" is a valuable information tool for students wishing to attend higher education (H.Ed.) programmes in Italy, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
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  • Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (Strategy 2007 - 2010 and 2011 - 2014)

    The Dutch Russian cooperation programme was established in 1992 to give a strong impulse to the scientific collaboration between the two countries. In ten years time the programme has financed over 350 collaborative projects in various scientific fields.
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  • Cooperation Programme with Russia (Norway, since 1997)

    The Research Council gives priority to increasing the number of Norwegian researchers who spend time at R&D institutions abroad as well as the proportion of foreign researchers who carry out part of their research in Norway. Our relationship with central European research instuitutions forms the main core of our international cooperation efforts.
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  • Fellowship Programme for Studies in the High North (Norway, 2007 - 2010)

    SIU and the Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs signed in May 2007 an agreement for the period 2007–2010 regarding a fellowship programme for studies at institutions of higher education in Northern Norway. The Fellowship Programme for Studies in the High North forms part of the Norwegian Government’s High North Strategy.
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