Russian S&T media

Links to a selection of print and online media reporting on sience and collaboration.
  • "Foresight" (Scientific journal of the State University - Higher School of Economics)

    The mission of the journal is to support the creation of Foresight culture in Russia through the dissemination of the best Russian and international practices in the field of future-oriented innovation development. It also provides a framework for discussion of S&T trends and policies.
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  • "Journal for Scientific Publications" (author payed journal for researchers, RU)

    The Magazine for Scientific publications contains articles and reports in the following areas: economics, law, politology, sociology, history, psychology, pedagogics, philology, philosophy, geography, ecology, medicine, chemistry, physics, mathematics, radiotechnics, informatics, electrotechnics, energetics etc. Subscribe index is №42457.
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  • "News of Science" (scientific newspaper, RU)

    The Newspaper collects news of scientific matter from all over the world and publishes it in both paper and electronic view.
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  • "Science Plus" (journal/scientific publications resource, RU)

    Main aim of the magazine is the publishing of scientific articles of postgraduates, aspirants, candidates, research fellows in the area of economics, sociology and law. Since the year 2007. In Russian.
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  • "Science and Life" (popular scientific magazine, RU & EN)

    Nauka&Zhizn ("Science and Life") is the oldest Russian popular science magazine. Its first issue came out in 1890. In the last century Science&Life has been the most favourite and well-known popular science monthly in Russia. The magazine focuses on papers written firsthand by researchers and experts, who provide comprehensive information in an entertaining manner. Renowned Russian scientists, inventors, doctors, travellers deliver their ideas, views and impressions to our readers. Science&Life regularly publishes reports from leading research centres, expeditions, exhibitions and conferences.
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  • "Search" (science community weekly newspaper, RU)

    "Poisk" (means "Search" in Russian) is Russian weekly newspaper for professionals in the field of science, teaching, IT and managers in the sphere of science and education. The newspaper was founded in 1989 by Russian Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Industry, Science & Technology, Ministry of Education. Now its constitutors are Russian Academy of Sciences and "Poisk Publishing".
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