Russian S&T programmes

  • Federal Targeted Programme "Research and Development in Priority Fields of S&T Complex of Russia in 2014 - 2020"

    The 2014-2020 Programme is aimed at achieving the strategic aim of the state policy in the area of science and technology, as formulated in the Foundations of the Policy of the Russian Federation in the Area of Science and Technology for the Period until 2020 and Beyond. The aim is to ensure by the year 2020 a world-class level of research and development and global competitiveness of the Russian Federation in areas determined by the national scientific and technological priorities.
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  • Federal Targeted Programme "Research and Research-Pedagogical Human Resources for Innovative Russia in 2014 - 2020"

    The programme for 2014-2020 is part of the state programme Science and Technology Development and is aimed at solving the tasks set by the Strategy of Innovation-Driven Development of the Russian Federation until 2020 for the development of the human potential in the field of science, education, technology and innovation and the formation of a balanced and steadily growing research and development sector.
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  • The Leading Scientists Initiative (since 2010)

    The Leading Scientists initiative of the Russian Government under decree N220 –Mega Grants - aims to support Russian scientific research by attracting highly qualified scientific and, in particular, foreign leading scientists into Russian institutions of higher education. The distinctive feature of this initiative is that financing for the leading scientists is provided solely from the Russian side, which considerably expands the possibilities of foreign researchers.
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  • Mobility for Young Researchers Programme by Russian Foundation for Basic Research (since 2007)

    Russian Foundation for Basic Research programme. Main aim of the Foundation (for all launched programmes) is providing open calls for selecting best projects in S&T sphere with further financial support.
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  • Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (since 1994)

    The Foundation is a governmental non-commercial organisation that was established on 03.02.1994 by the governmental regulation №65 and is one of three Russian governmental scientific foundations.
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