EU-Russia Working Groups

This section offers information about EU-Russian Working Groups.

For steering the EU-Russia S&T cooperation several coordination mechanism has been established. One important instrument for steering and implementation was the establishing of 'Joint Thematic EU-Russia Working Groups' which should ensure that Russia is associated to the consultative process surrounding the preparation of the FP activities. Furthermore the Working Groups are responsible for the planning of concrete common activities like the  implementation of coordinated calls.

In following scientific areas calls have been agreed: Food/Agriculture/Biotechnologies, Energy, Health, Nanotechnology and New Materials. These calls are co-financed by the Russian partner and they are currently one of the most successful instruments in the S&T cooperation with the Russian Federation.

Joint Thematic Working Groups have been established on following key priorities of the 7th Framework Programme

  • Aeronautics;
  • Energy (nuclear and non-nuclear);
  • Environment;
  • Food, agriculture and biotechnologies;
  • Health;
  • ICT;
  • Infrastructures;
  • Nanotechnologies and new materials;
  • E-infrastructures;
  • Researchers' mobility;
  • Space.

The working groups involve on the EU-side representatives of the respective Directorate General (Directorate General Research, except for Space which is represented by the Directorate General Enterprises) and is headed by Directors in charge of themes. On the Russian side not only representatives of the Russian ministries are involved, furthermore depending on the working group representatives of the Federal Agencies (ROSNAUKA, ROSCOSMOS,...), Russian NCP's and Scientists are invited.

The Joint Thematic EU-Russia Working Groups have each met regularly. Reports of the Working Groups are presented to the Permanent Partnership Council (PPC) which purpose it is to give political guidance to the work of the experts and to define priorities for the future work within the Thematic Joint Working Groups.

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