FP7: Frequently Asked Questions

The following page has the function of providing help, further and detailed information on how to successfully prepare a proposal as part of this Program. It consists of a total of seven files, divided into three links and four documents. By clicking on the link you will be directed to the next step which explains each topic more detailed.
  • FP7 Outline (link to external website)

    The following site is an introduction and can be seen as a basis. It is the direct link to the European Commission’s site CORDIS which is the main site regarding the Framework program 7. On this site you can find divers information regarding the Framework Program 7, its function, goals and attempts. Links and sites for further information are provided as well.
    [more] (URL: http://www.st-gaterus.eu/en/492.php)
  • From the idea to the proposal (PowerPoint presentation)

    The following part consists of a PowerPoint-File which has the goal of explaining how to write a proposal. It is an A to Z guide on what to consider in order to write a successful proposal. Throughout 73 slides you will be provided a great outline on what to do: Punctual from having an idea, step by step, until writing the final lines of the proposal. The fifth slide is a general timeline which helps structuring work and time and gives information on certain deadlines.
    [more] (URL: http://www.st-gaterus.eu/en/493.php)
  • How to write a proposal (Word template)

    Then following part can be seen as the continuation of the previous PowerPoint-slide. It is a template of a written proposal, saved as a Word-Document. After opening the document you will be asked to fill in three general topics, which will be automatically adopted: “Proposal full title”, “Proposal acronym”, and “Name of the coordinating person”. Now you just need to fill in the blanks.
    [more] (URL: http://www.st-gaterus.eu/en/494.php)
  • Advice for proposals (link to external website)

    On the following site you will be given advice on a successful proposal in a competitive European research environment. It is a summarized list which is divided into ten points with, if needed, links for further information and advice.
    [more] (URL: http://www.st-gaterus.eu/en/495.php)
  • How to place a proposal online via EPSS (PowerPoint presentation)

    The following file is composed of 51 slides. Those files are screenshots of all the steps you have to go through in order to post your request online via the Electronic Proposal Submission Service. Each screenshot shows one step or mask you need to go through and explains the blanks, which need to be filled.
    [more] (URL: http://www.st-gaterus.eu/en/496.php)
  • FAQs on EPSS (link to external website)

    The following site can be seen as a direct continuation of the previous one. If there are any further questions or details needed on the Electronic Proposal Submission Service, you might find those on this FAQ-site.
    [more] (URL: http://www.st-gaterus.eu/en/497.php)
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