22.03.2015 - 28.03.2015 | CERN

Teacher Programme at CERN in Russian language

CERN offers  a course for physics teachers in Russian language from 22-28 March 2015. Participants will experience the atmosphere of frontier research at the LHC, meet with scientists and teaching colleagues, and find new ideas on bringing modern physics into the classroom.

The National Teacher Programmes are held in one of the national languages of CERN Member States. These programmes are also open for teachers from other countries (including non-member states) speaking the same language. Teacher programmes for participants from non-member states can also be organised, but are only held in their national language if competent lecturers speaking this language are available.

CERN provides all scientific, administrative and technical support for the programme, such as scientific content and provision of national language facilitators, lecturers and guides. Travel and subsistence funds, covering accommodation and meals, are expected to be provided by national authorities or by other sources, e.g. educational foundations.

The next course in Russian language will be held from 22-28 March 2015. Application deadline: 6 February 2015.

Similar courses were held in 2009, 2010 and 2011 and 2012. Related lectures and presentations have been archived and are available on the website

Learn more at: http://indico.cern.ch/event/376399/other-view?view=standard

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