17.03.2015 - 18.03.2015 | Berlin

Lab Surfing workshop on Future and Emerging Technologies open to participation from Russia

Young researchers from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Russia and Slovakia, interested in high risk research enabled by information and communication technologies (ICT) are invited to participate in the Lab Surfing brainstorming and training workshop in Berlin on 17–18 March 2015. Application deadline: 17 February 2015.

What is Lab Surfing?

The Lab Surfing workshop is a two-day brainstorming, training and networking event organised by the FP7 EYE (Empowering Young Explorers) project for young researchers from various disciplines across Europe. Participants of the Lab Surfing workshop will present, discuss and jointly elaborate non-conventional inter/multidisciplinary scientific ideas paving ground for future breakthrough technologies enabled by ICT. The overarching theme of the Lab Surfing workshop in Berlin is ICT in logistics, commerce, finance and other challenging domains.

Why to participate?

The Lab Surfing workshop will provide an excellent opportunity to exchange inspiring scientific ideas across various disciplines, brainstorm and improve scientific management skills through training offered by the experienced trainers of the EYE project consortium. The participating young researchers will form multidisciplinary complementary teams that will jointly work on scientific ideas and will compete for the participation in the European “Blue Sky” conference and “Science Incubator” summer school. Organised in autumn 2015, these two events will bring together regional teams of young researchers with strongest ideas that will receive intensive training and assistance in transforming the elaborated collaborative research ideas into project proposals about to be ready for submission to the Horizon 2020 FET scheme.

Who can participate?

  • Young researchers from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Russia and Slovakia. Young researchers from other regions of Europe can apply too, but the priority for this event will be given to those from the list of countries mentioned above.
  • Young researchers with a PhD degree earned in any scientific field at the latest 6 years prior to the submission of the application for the participation in the Lab Surfing workshop or PhD researchers in their last year of study

How to apply?

To participate in the Lab Surfing workshop in Berlin, interested young researchers are invited to submit by 17 February 2015 an application containing short biographic details and presenting a non-conventional, forward-looking high risk scientific idea involving ICT in any research field.

Applications should be submitted online via: https://fet-eye.eu/berlin-mar-2015 (using the application template). General enquires about the Lab Surfing workshop and the FP7 EYE project should be sent to André Ludwig (Email: ludwig@wifa.uni-leipzig.de) or Stephan Pascall (Email: spascall@europlan-uk.eu).

Application and participation procedures are explained in more detail in Guidelines for Applicants. More information about the FP7 EYE project and the EYE events for young researchers engaged in high risk research planned in 2014-2015 can be found via http://www.fet-eye.eu/.

Source: Europlan UK Ltd Email Campaign Archive

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