05.01.2015 [News]

Russia stands out for extending International Science and Technology Cooperation

The 5th session of G8+5 Group of Senior Officials (GSO) on Global Research Infrastructures took place on 15-16 December 2014 at the headquarters of Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics. Russia was represented by Sergey Salikhov, Director of Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

In his presentation, Mr. Salikhov emphasized that large, sophisticated and costly research infrastructures are indispensible for further scientific development. In particular, he stressed that the complex nature of scientific and technological problems on current agenda calls for enhancing international integration of advanced knowledge and innovative technologies. Sergey Salikhov described the experience of Russia’s participation in international research initiatives, listed Russia’s mega-projects, and specifically focused on such area of international S&T cooperation as participation of Russian scientists and specialists in the work of international research centers.

According to the data cited by Mr. Salikhov, significant amounts are allocated annually from the federal budget to support the participation of Russian scientists in the work of international research centers: starting from 2009, this amount has reached 7,8 mln US Dollars.

In conclusion, Mr. Salikhov announced Russia’s intention to extend international S&T cooperation in various thematic areas.

Source (in Russian): http://www.strf.ru/material.aspx?CatalogId=221&d_no=92453#.VJQn3dAA

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