20.08.2014 [News]

Launch of new web portal 'Innovations in Russia'

Recently, a new information and analytical portal dedicated to state support of innovations in Russia was launched:


The creation of the web portal was commissioned by the RF Ministry of Economic Development under the implementation of the Strategy for Innovative Development of the Russian Federation until 2020. The web portal is designed as a source of information on all aspects of innovation activities and as a communication platform on issues related to innovations. On the web site, different categories of users can find structured information about actors, mechanisms, and tools of the national innovation system. The target audience includes participants of the innovation process, representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development, as well as a broader audience interested in innovations.

The portal, in particular, features information on:

  1. state policy in innovation, science and technology, and education, and the role of international cooperation;
  2. innovation activity of development institutions, technology platforms, clusters, companies, regions, and other participants of the innovation process;
  3. innovation infrastructure of regions and key participants of the innovation process;
  4. instruments of support of innovation activities.

The web portal also includes a facility that allows actors of the innovation process to create individual profiles for submitting relevant information on their activities, and the RF Ministry of Economic Development to monitor the innovation activity of registered organisations by comparing the current indicators against the planned ones as well as by comparing the performance of different organisations.

At the moment, the web portal is in Russian only; however, there are plans to develop an English language version, which will simplify communication between Russian and European partners.

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