S&T Cooperation

The S&T cooperation pages  provide a compilation of information that has the aim of promoting communication among all those involved in international cooperation. It will help you find important on-site contact partners, ongoing projects and funding opportunities.

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  • EU-Russia cooperation

    Information about EU-Russia cooperation policies and programmes.
    [more] (URL: http://www.st-gaterus.eu/en/553.php)
  • Cooperation on bilateral level

    Information about bi-lateral cooperation programmes and policies between Russia and individual partner countries.
    [more] (URL: http://www.st-gaterus.eu/en/554.php)
  • Multilateral cooperation

    Information about multilateral cooperation between Russia and internatonal bodies and organizations.
    [more] (URL: http://www.st-gaterus.eu/en/180.php)
  • EU-projects

    In this section, you will find a list of projects in which Russia was participating. For current international STI cooperation projects with Russian participation please check out the related websites in the right hand side bar.
    [more] (URL: http://www.st-gaterus.eu/en/214.php)
  • EU-Russia Working Groups

    This section offers information about EU-Russian Working Groups.
    [more] (URL: http://www.st-gaterus.eu/en/530.php)
  • FP7: Frequently Asked Questions

    The following page has the function of providing help, further and detailed information on how to successfully prepare a proposal as part of this Program. It consists of a total of seven files, divided into three links and four documents. By clicking on the link you will be directed to the next step which explains each topic more detailed.
    [more] (URL: http://www.st-gaterus.eu/en/474.php)
  • Best practice

    This section will feature examples of successful S&T cooperations with Russia.
    [more] (URL: http://www.st-gaterus.eu/en/472.php)
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General Information

incrEAST web portal

(web portal on STI cooperation between the EU and Eastern Partnership Countries, Central Asia and Russia)

National Contact Points

Network of NCPs in Russia 

(Contacts in Russia who can give assistance to potential Horizon 2020 participants from Russia and to organisations from EU Member and Associated States looking for partners in Russia.)

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