20.12.2013 [News]

Opportunities for international cooperation within Russian Federal Target Program

The new Federal Target Program «Research and development on priority directions of scientific-technological complex of Russia in 2014 - 2020 years» envisages opportunities for international cooperation. For instance, section 2.2 «Supporting cooperation in R&D with EU countries» is devoted to the cooperation with the EU and its Member States.  It is envisaged to fund joint research projects in the priority areas of S&T, aimed at the formation of scientific and technological reserve together with the EU research and educational organizations, including the research work with multiple applications in various sectors of the economy and advanced high-risk investigations that open new opportunities for economic development. The joint research projects will be implemented through joint or coordinated calls.

The main objectives are  the integration of Russian science in the European Research Area; widening of the international S&T cooperation and the promotion of the stable cooperation relations between Russian and European research organizations; generating new knowledge, best-practice transfer and  introduction new advanced technologies.

For the implementation of the joint calls both parties have to agree on procedures and milestones (e.g. call issue, timeline, joint expertise, evaluation etc.) and sign corresponding protocols.

The projectы are supposed to be 1-3 years long with a maximum funding up to 50 mln rubles per year. (~ 1,16 mln euro). Total Federal budget for Section 2.2 is 6 180 mln rubles (~144 mln euro) for the period of 2014-2020. 

The first calls are planned to be announced in January 2014.

Official web-site of the Program: http://fcpir.ru/2014

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