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A new boost for EU-Russia STI cooperation – Pre-announcement of the ERA.Net RUS Plus Call 2017!

The upcoming ERA.Net RUS Plus Call 2017 – 'Science & Technology' invites researchers from Russia and Europe to submit their ideas for a joint research project in the fields of nanotechnology, health, environment/climate change, humanities/social sciences, or robotics. A call for proposals for Russian-European innovation projects will follow in summer 2017. The new calls follow the huge success of a similar support measure implemented in 2014-2016 that resulted in 18 funded 'Innovation' and 45 funded 'Science & Technology' projects.

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The ERA.NET PLUS initiative with Russia aims at enhancing the coordination of national or regional research programmes in the EU Member States and countries associated to Horizon 2020 in order to strenghten STI cooperation with Russia.

A joint call for transnational research projects in the funding lines 'Innovation' and 'Science & Technology' was successfully implemented in 2014-2016. As a result of the call, 63  joint projects (18 in 'Innovation', 45 in 'Science &Technology') were selected for funding. 25 funding parties from 16 countries and the EU supported these research projects with a total volume of EUR 20 million.

Based on this success, a second joint call is now being implemented: The ERA.Net RUS Plus Call 2017 represents another crucial step in the development of a solid basis for a joint programmatic approach between Russia and the EU Members States and Associated Countries.

Call topics

Call line 'Science & Technology' (call to open soon):

  1. Nanotechnologies
    1.1 Advanced nano-sensors for Environment and Health
    1.2 Novel functional nanomaterials based on design and modelling
  2. Environment/climate change
    2.1 Impact of climate change and extreme climate events on the environment
    2.2. Prevention and remediation of pollution of aquatic systems
  3. Health
    3.1 Regenerative Medicine, Biomaterials and organ-on-a-chip-systems
    3.2 Drug discovery for cancer, cardiovascular and infectious diseases
  4. Social sciences and humanities
    4.1 Demography, conflicts and security issues
    4.2 Traditional and non-traditional cultural values
    4.3 Opportunities for and challenges to regional development and social cohesion
  5. Robotics
    5.1 Robotics Design and Human-Robot Interaction
    5.2 Robots in agriculture, medicine, industry, maritime and education

Call line 'Innovation' (call to open in summer 2017)

  • No sub topics pre-defined

Call details

Further details on the thematic priorities, funding criteria and contact persons within the funding organisations will soon be published on the website www.eranet-rus.eu.

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